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Pay directly from your online bank account, backed by bank-level security. No cards, no app download, no registration

PayWithMyBank and Trustly Merged

Together, Trustly and PayWithMyBank will enable merchants with a global footprint to accept Online Banking Payments from European and US consumers. The merger addresses the needs of merchants to have an alternative to the card networks and accept online payments directly from consumers’ bank accounts, and for consumers to be able to pay in a fast, simple, and secure way.

Online Banking Payments make life easy

Paying with Trustly means instant satisfaction, watertight security and super simple payments.  Using our secure connection, consumers simply log into their online banking without ever leaving your site. There’s no sign up, no card or bank numbers to enter, and no billing info to provide.

Why it’s a preferred payment method

Around the world, people online have preferences for how they pay. Online Banking Payments are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease-of-use and security. As a merchant, you benefit from strong consumer authentication, increased approvals, and decreased acceptance costs.

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One agreement. Millions of opportunities.

Just one agreement and one integration gives your business access to millions of consumers in North America and across Europe. It sets you up with integrated multi-currency functionality, providing the platform for your business to expand.

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Reinventing payments

Superior User Experience & Conversion

Our modern, online banking UX is simple and intuitive, driving superior conversion when compared to cards across mobile and desktop.

Strong User Authentication

We address the fundamental shortcomings of cards by strongly authenticating consumers via online banking, including systematic MFA.

Superior Approval Rates

Having fully authenticated consumers, we are able to increase your sales through higher approval rates than cards.

No Chargebacks

Once Trustly approves a payment, it is fully guaranteed, with no chargebacks.

Trusted by industry-leading companies

Credited by respected organizations

Trustly is a Nacha Preferred Partner for Online Banking Payment & Verification. In becoming a Nacha Preferred Partner, Trustly joined a select group of innovators contributing to the ACH payments ecosystem by removing friction, increasing ease, improving cash flow accessibility and efficiency, as well as supporting sound risk management and security for ACH payments.

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Trustly and iPANT partner to make receiving your recycling refund easier

Stockholm, Sweden, November 7, 2019 — Trustly and digital recycling refund solution iPANT are pleased to announce a partnership.

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Trustly opens two new tech hubs in Vitória, Brazil and Lisbon, Portugal

Stockholm, Sweden, October 17, 2019 – To further refine its online banking payment solutions and accelerate the build-out of global coverage, Trustly is pleased to announce the opening of two new tech hubs in Vitória, Brazil and Lisbon, Portugal.

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Trustly partners with ECOMMPAY to deliver online banking payments to its merchants across Europe

Stockholm, Sweden, September 10, 2019 — ECOMMPAY, a leading international online payment service provider and direct card acquirer, has partnered with online payments company Trustly to expand its online payment offering and strengthen its position in the European market.

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