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Scaling Engineering @ Trustly

At the end of Q1 2021, the Engineering Americas team had a total of 54 full-time employees in Brazil. Most of our current PMs and Engineering Managers had yet to join the company. Development workload was split between Financial Institution Connectors (FIC) and Core ("everything else"). Sprint planning for Core ran for multiple hours and included 20+ engineers.

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Thinking outside the box for a better world

As our world becomes increasingly digital, consumers are demanding slicker, quicker, more personalized experiences that fit conveniently into their lifestyles. At the same time, it’s no secret that our world is facing fundamental challenges such as climate change and disruption from new technologies.

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What changing consumer travel preferences mean for travel companies in 2022

We conducted a censuswide survey which asked 1000 people in the UK some questions to help understand how travel is shaping up for 2022. Quite unsurprisingly, 80% of British consumers are more likely to consider a flexible travel policy since the coronavirus outbreak.

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Consumer behaviour: Online shopping on Christmas Day? Brits got an early start on Boxing Day sales

Would you hit the shops in the midst of holiday celebrations? With the stores just a tap away on their smartphones, that’s the question we posed to Brits ahead of the 2021 holidays. The results showed that celebration, family time and dinner were not as sacred as in the past, with people planning to go online to shop at all times of the day.

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Open Banking Payments help merchants to expand internationally

When Open Banking was introduced in the 2010s the aim was to encourage innovation in a sector that was not moving with the times. Since then, the Financial Services industry has evolved quickly to meet the increased demands of digital-savvy consumers and businesses, but one area where it falls short is cross-border payments.

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The Kubernetes journey

Trustly, Inc. (previously known as PayWithMybank) has worked with its entire cloud operation to run more than 20 microservices since 2015 that are responsible for connecting its users with more than 1,000 banks globally. Although Trustly had a mature and stable infrastructure, the journey began in 2018 to modernize the application architecture to use containers in Kubernetes.

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Our ultimate guides


Invoice Payments

We surveyed 3,000 consumers across Germany, Sweden and Finland to find out what they think about the current experience of paying invoices online. What it all boils down to is that consumers want a much improved digital experience across all devices. What’s more, they want seamlessness, simplicity and more control.

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Boost borrower acquisition starting with a click

With the personal loans sector rapidly growing, borrowers are spoiled for choice when selecting a lender. But, how do you make your offering stand out? Read our report.


Are you a payments professional?

Download our white paper designed to give payments professionals an introduction to the difference between various Payment Initiation Services and a deeper understanding of what these differences mean for coverage and quality.


Take control of your ecommerce costs

In this report, we examine the most common payment-related issues European retailers face today and share a checklist for how to overcome those challenges with Online Banking Payments.