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White Paper: How to lower payment processing costs and increase approval rates

If you want to learn about how to lower your payment processing costs while increasing your approval rates, download this White Paper. It is designed to give payment professionals an in-depth analysis of card processing costs and hidden fees. Spoiler alert: This white paper could help you improve your margins by using Online Banking Payments.


eBook: Nacha's Account Validation Rule

Are you feeling less than prepared for Nacha’s new Account Validation rule? This eBook covers everything you’ll need to know to ensure your organization is in compliance before the rule goes in effect on March 19, 2021.

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Addressing the Current Challenges in eCommerce Checkout Experience

Online shopping grew significantly in 2020, bringing with it key challenges for eCommerce businesses: higher fraud rates, more chargebacks, poor checkout experience and high cart abandonment rates. There are many one-off solutions to tackle these problems. Trustly is the only holistic technology that can address everything simultaneously using Online Banking Payments.

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What is RTP and how it compares with Faster Payments

Real Time Payments (RTP) are a type of faster payments that settle instantly. Businesses that invest in RTPs can cater to the expectations of younger demographics while realizing other benefits, such as improving business processes, encouraging customer onboarding, and driving sales and retention. RTPs are relevant to numerous industries, such as insurance, bill payments, and online casinos.

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Impact of False Positives on Top Line Revenue

Revenue projection is both an art and a science. It is partly based on the solid number of past sales, but it also includes various known and hidden assumptions. When it comes to projecting credit card sales, most executives forget a hidden variable: the sale that is lost when a card is wrongfully rejected for fraud, and the customer goes elsewhere.

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Online Banking Payments as a Tool to Increase Approval Rates and Reduce Fraud

100 billion dollars...that’s the volume of spending expected to shift from credit cards to debit cards during the current global Covid-19 pandemic according to Visa. It’s a significant number and it signals a trend in consumer behavior that brings both challenges and opportunities for merchants across the country.

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Contactless payments and loyalty rewards amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus pushed quick-service restaurants to invest in contactless payment options and start to realize the benefits; such as minimizing restaurant lines, helping more customers, and encouraging customer loyalty. Restaurants that avoid the potential pitfalls of mobile payments can use this strategy to improve customer service and drive sales in the long run.

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Trustly unveils new logo and visual identity to usher in a new era of payments

Stockholm, Sweden, 2 November 2020 – Trustly, the global leader in online banking payments, is excited to unveil its new visual identity, including a logo, color palette and typeface.

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Online Banking Payments history and evolution in the US

In this article, we'll explore Online Banking Payments history starting from 2006, and how it evolved in the US. You will learn how PayWithMyBank and Nacha operated the platform, and the Secure Vault Payments network was born.

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ACH as a Customer Payment Strategy

This blogpost is based on our recent webinar, hosted by Merchant Risk Council. In the webinar, Nacha and Trustly presented how online banking payment is facilitating ACH for customer payment strategy and providing an innovative and alternative payment method that's the need of these times due to COVID19.

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PayWithMyBank and Trustly Merged

PayWithMyBank is an online and mobile payment alternative to cards and checks that allows you to pay or get paid using the information you know by heart – your online banking ID and password. We establish a secure connection to your online banking account directly from the site you are on, without ever storing or sharing your information with the site. It’s just between you and your bank.

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