Privacy Notice for Company Representatives

EFFECTIVE DATE:  07-04-2021




If you act as a representative of a Merchant or another company who has entered an agreement with us (a “Company Representative”), we may collect, store, and share (collectively, “process”, “processing”, “processed”) information about you to administer the business relationship between us and the Merchant or other company you represent and to fulfil our legal obligations (e.g. “Know Your Customer” requirements).


How we Process your Information


The table below describes how we process your information when you act as a Company Representative.


Purpose of the Processing

Legal Basis

Personal Data Processed


To enter into, or maintain, a business relationship with the Merchant or other company you represent and to communicate important information regarding our services that is not considered marketing.


Contractual obligation.  To pursue our legitimate interest in communicating and maintaining contact with you in order to provide our services.  To verify that the information we have about you is up to date. To communicate with you about our services and to provide information about our services which we believe is of importance to you.



Identifying Information.



To improve our services, we may send out customer satisfaction surveys to you. In such surveys, we will ask you to evaluate us and/or our services.



To pursue our legitimate interest of improving our services and to develop new services on the answers to the survey.


Identifying Information.


To market our services if you show interest in our services (e.g. by visiting our websites). Please see Section 7 in our Privacy Policy regarding how you can opt out of receiving e-mails from us. 


Pursue our legitimate interest in marketing our services for commercial purposes.  To offer our services or new services in which we believe you may have an interest as a current Company Representative and/or potential Company Representative.



Identifying Information, Behavior Information.


To fulfil our legal obligations with respect to “Know Your Customer” and other legal requirements to which we are subject. For example, we may screen your personal information against lists of persons subject to sanctions.



Comply with legal obligations.



Identifying Information and when applicable copies of your passport and other documents validating your identity and/or address.



How We Collect Your Information


When you contact us for the purpose of entering a potential business relationship with us, we collect the personal data that you provide us, such as your phone number or e-mail address.  We also collect personal data provided by you if you, for example, give us your contact details in relation to campaigns you want to take part of or white papers you wish to receive.  When we are onboarding a Merchant or entering a relationship with a company, we may collect information about you as part of an application or questionnaire.  In addition, you may provide us with information, such as a copy of your passport or other identifying documents, as part of our “Know Your Customer” procedure.


In addition to the information that we receive from you, we will also collect personal data about you through cookies (or equivalent) if you visit our websites.  Please see the section in the Privacy Policy regarding cookies for more information.


How We Share Your Information


We may need to share your information with banks and other service providers to us to comply with our legal obligations (e.g. “Know Your Customers” requirements) and to provide the services for which the company you represent has entered an agreement with us.  In addition, your information may be uploaded to a database or a cloud-based service provider to aid us in managing our business relationships. These databases or cloud-based service providers may be accessible by our parent company, Trustly AB, a Swedish limited liability company, or other companies which are affiliated with us and may be located outside the United States.  From time to time we may need to share your information with service providers to improve our services (e.g. to test or analyze the performance of our services), to provide additional information about our services, or to market new products and services to you.