Build Loyalty with Trustly Instant Payouts

Consumers with immediate access to funds increase purchase frequency and report increased satisfaction


Increased user satisfaction

Faster withdrawals is consistently one of the top factors in the decision to use one site versus another.


Frictionless experience

User experience will be virtually unchanged—withdrawals use the same simple flow as deposits.


Instant Funds

No settlement cycles or cut off times–money in the receiving account in seconds (24/7/365).


Enhanced loyalty

Instant payouts means repeat users—research suggests that, in comparison to standard withdrawals, users who have access to instant withdrawals engage more and increase their deposits.

24/7/365 Withdrawals Drive User Satisfaction

Trustly Instant Payouts leverages the Clearing House’s Real Time Payment (RTP) network to deliver funds in seconds—no settlement or cut off times. While standard payouts mean the user has to wait days before the funds are deposited, real time withdrawals drive user confidence and satisfaction, adding value and enhancing loyalty.

Discover Instant Benefits

Expedite marketplace payments

83% of large businesses would switch marketplaces to get faster settlement times.


Enable speedy trades & gains

Make crypto and investment gains available instantly to increase trading frequency and user retention.


Accelerate insurance payouts

Increase member satisfaction by offering instant claim disbursements.