Delar insikter från den snabbt växande finansiella teknikindustrin. Ta del av kunskap om nya trender, teknologier och kundkrav.

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Nöjda kunder stannar kvar

Det är dyrare att värva en ny kund än att behålla en befintlig så glöm inte bort de kunder du redan har. Fortsätt att utveckla din prenumerationstjänst och visa dina kunder att du bryr dig om dem. Konkurrensen är stenhård och det finns lockande erbjudanden överallt. Här har vi samlat våra bästa tips för hur du som handlare får dina prenumeranter att stanna kvar.

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Väx med prenumerationstjänster

Trustly har lanserat sin prenumerationstjänst med Payson vilket är perfekt för svenska ehandlare. Här kommer våra bästa tips om hur du kan starta en prenumerationstjänst och värva prenumeranter.

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Interview: The Global Trend Towards Online Banking e-Payments.

This interview was first published in The Paypers´s Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report 2020–2021, which assesses the change of pace that occurred in 2020 and provides a comprehensive overview of the major trends driving growth in this space, being the ultimate source of information for players interested in selling across borders.

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Fintech leadership with a human side – life on forward.

The Trustly brand is on a journey. We’ve been rebuilding our visual identity to better express our technical leadership, as well as our humanity and optimism. And we’ve been developing a tagline that comes right out of our brand promise.

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Rethink your refunds, perfect your payments

A checkout with only the option to pay by card just won’t cut it anymore. Shoppers crave more payment options and they will take their business elsewhere if a retailer doesn’t offer alternatives.

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What online businesses need to know about PSD2 bank payments

In September 2019, a new EU payment directive and its technical standards came into full effect – PSD2.

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Rethink your refunds, perfect your payments

With Trustly, you can offer instant refunds to your customers. Our proprietary network of bank connections across Europe will ensure speedy payments. And with that, an excellent customer experience. You can initiate refunds via an API call without customer interaction. Trustly also helps to reduce the admin costs of refunds you'd incur through manual bank transfers and the associated reconciliation.

To find out more about how it works download the report below.