Enhance your invoice solution with Trustly Pay Your Invoice

Close the loop on the post-purchase experience. Let shoppers instantly pay invoices without leaving your app or your site.

Take ownership of the invoice payment journey

As an online retailer, you probably put a lot of focus on acquiring new customers and streamlining the purchase journey … but what about the post-purchase experience?

By allowing customers to pay their invoices on your own app or website you can increase the ROI on your acquisition spend. With control of the payment environment, you can increase customer loyalty via post-purchase messages and promotional offers.

Trustly Pay Your Invoice is a white-label invoice settlement solution that can easily be integrated on top of your existing invoice platform. Customers pay without being redirected — everything happens seamlessly within your platform.


About Trustly



There’s no signup, no app download and Trustly does not store bank details.



Customers can easily confirm their identity with 2FA biometrics.



Trustly offers bank-level security backed up by the Swedish FSA.



There are no caps on the number or value of transactions you make with Trustly.

Provide a seamless invoice payment experience


Make payments easier and faster

Provide a seamless UX and take your existing payment journey into the future.


Eliminate human error

Reduce your admin and customer support demands with accurate, auto-filled invoices.


Optimize your acquisition ROI

Close the loop on the post-purchase experience by keeping customers on your site.


Open new sales opportunities

Maximize new touchpoints and messaging opportunities after an invoice is paid.

Harness the power of Online Banking Payments

Now you can offer Open Banking Payments as part of your existing invoicing solution. With Trustly, you can meet the demand for this popular payment option while optimizing your user experience, increasing brand touchpoints and streamlining administration.


Integration with Trustly is a breeze.

Whether you prefer a Plug-and-Play solution, or if you want to build your own through our API, we'll provide you with the right support either way.

Why are consumers choosing Online Banking Payments?

Using Online Banking Payments, your customers can instantly make a bank transfer. Already popular in Sweden and the trend-setting Nordic nations, Online Banking Payments are catching on around the world. Here’s why:


Consumers can easily pay directly from their bank account every time, without having to enter card details or enter further credentials.


When they utilize instant payments capabilities, Open Banking payments allow funds to be transferred immediately.


Customers feel more secure when they can select a familiar, trusted route to make a payment via their own bank account and their usual bank login.

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Delight your shoppers with seamless payments and quicker refunds.

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Open the door to new experiences and speed up your payment settlement.

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Financial services

Provide clients a premium experience with speedy deposits and payouts.

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Deal players in with account-to-account deposits and seamless access to winnings.

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