Å registrere seg for Trustly Autogiro kan enten gjøres som en egen transaksjon, eller følges opp av en umiddelbar betaling som et ledd i den samme ordren. Registrering skal alltid gjøres på forhandlerens nettside.

Fremgangsmåten for å registrere seg for Trustly Autogiro kan variere fra forhandler til forhandler, men de vanlige trinnene er: 
1. Velg bank – velg banken du ønsker å bruke på listen over banker. Hvis du ikke finner banken på listen, har den ikke lagt til rette for betalinger med Trustly. 
2. Identifisering – Legg inn fødselsnummer eller annen informasjon som den aktuelle nettbanken bruker som identifikasjon
3. Autentisering – Autentiser deg ved å signere med kodebrikke eller bankID (eller en annen metode, avhengig av banken)
4. Velg konto og godta Vilkårene – På listen over bankkontoer velger du kontoen du ønsker å knytte autogirofullmakten opp mot.
5. (Alternativt, hvis registreringen skjer i forbindelse med en betaling) – signer den umiddelbare betalingen. 
The undersigned ("the payer"), consents to payment being made by withdrawal from the account indicated or an account indicated by the payer at a later time on request of the indicated payee for payment to the payee on a certain date ("the due date") through Autogiro. The payer consents to processing of personal data provided in this mandate being handled by the payer's payment service provider, the payee, the payee's payment service provider and Bankgirot AB for the administration of the service. Personal data managers for this personal data processing are the payer's payment service provider, the payee and the payee's payment service provider. The payer may at any time request to receive access to or correction of the personal data by contacting the payer's payment service provider. Further information regarding the processing of personal data in connection with payments may be found in the terms and conditions for the account and in the agreement with the payee. The payer can at any time revoke his or her consent, which concludes the service in its entirety.

1. Description
1.1 General
Autogiro is a payment service that means that payments are carried out from the payer's account on the initiative of the payee. For the payer to be able to pay through Autogiro, the payer must provide his or her consent to the payee that the payee may initiate payments from the payer's account. In addition, the payer's payment service provider (e.g. bank or payment institution) must approve that the account can be used for Autogiro and the payee must approve of the payer as a user of Autogiro.
The payer's payment service provider is not obliged to check the authorisation of or notify the payer of requested withdrawals in advance. Withdrawals are charged to the payer's account in accordance with the rules that apply at the payer's payment service provider. The payer receives notification of withdrawals from his or her payment service provider. On request of the payer, the mandate can be transferred to another account with the payment service provider or to an account with another payment service provider.   

1.2 Definition of banking business day
A banking business day refers to all days except Saturday, Sunday, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve or another public holiday.

1.3 Information on payment
The payer will be notified by the payee of the amount, due date and means of payment no later than eight banking business days before the due date. This can be notified prior to every individual due date or on one occasion concerning several future due dates. If the notification refers to several future due dates, the notification must be made no later than eight banking business days before the first due date. However, this does not apply to cases in which the payer has approved the withdrawal in conjunction with a purchase or order of a product or service. In such a case, the payer receives a notice from the payee regarding the amount, due date and means of payment in conjunction with the purchase and/or the order. By signing this mandate, the payer provides his or her consent to payments covered by the payee's notification in accordance with this section being carried out.

1.4 Sufficient funds must be available in the account
The payer must ensure that sufficient funds are available in the account no later than 12:01 a.m. on the due date. If the payer does not have sufficient funds in the account on the due date, it may mean that payments cannot be carried out. If sufficient funds are unavailable for payment on the due date, the payee may make additional withdrawal attempts during the coming banking business days. The payer can receive information from the payee upon request regarding the number of withdrawal attempts.

1.5 Stop payment (revocation of payment order)
The payer may stop a payment by contacting either the payee no later than two banking business days before the due date or his or her payment service provider no later than the banking business day before the due date at the point in time indicated by the payment service provider. If the payer stops a payment as per the above, it means that the current payment is stopped on a single occasion. If the payer wants all future payments initiated by the payee to be stopped, the payer must revoke the mandate.

1.6 Mandate's period of validity, revocation
The mandate is valid until further notice. The payer has the right to revoke the mandate at any time by contacting the payee or his or her payment service provider. In order to stop payments not yet carried out, the notice of the revocation of the mandate must be received by the payee no later than five banking business days before the due date or be received by the payer's payment service provider no later than the banking business day before the due date at the point in time indicated by the payment service provider.

1.7 The right for the payee and the payer's payment service provider to end the connection to Autogiro
The payee has the right to end the payer's connection to Autogiro 30 days after the payee has notified the payer thereof. However, the payee has the right to immediately end the payer's connection to Autogiro if the payer on repeated occasions does not have a sufficient account balance on the due date, if the account to which the mandate pertains is closed or if the payee deems that the payer should not participate in Autogiro for another reason.
The payer's payment service provider has the right to end the payer's connection to Autogiro in accordance with the terms that apply between the payer's payment service provider and the payer.


1.1 Trustly Direct Debit is a service, developed by Trustly Group AB (registration number 556754-8655), a Swedish licensed payment institution, (“Trustly”), pursuant to which you (the “User”) can provide Trustly with a mandate to execute recurring payments from the User’s bank account via direct debit to an online merchant providing the User with a product or a service (the “Merchant”), (the “Service”).

1.2 By providing your consent to the mandate text for autogiro (eng. Direct debit) (“Mandate Text”), that you find in connection to where you select which bank account to connect, and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the User provide Trustly with a mandate to withdraw money from a bank account chosen by the User by direct debit. The User will be advised of the sum to be withdrawn by the Merchant. The sum will be withdrawn from the User’s bank account within seven bank days from Trustly’s initiating of the withdrawal.

1.3 If there are insufficient funds in the account on the day when the sum is to be withdrawn, new attempts shall be made to withdraw the money. Alternatively, the User may be asked to pay the sum using a different payment method. If there are insufficient funds in the account on the day when the sum is to be withdrawn, fees and penalty interest may be payable in accordance with what was previously agreed.

1.4 The Service is not offered by or affiliated with the User’s bank. The Service is provided to the User by Trustly through the Merchant. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. In case you do not accept the Terms and Conditions, do not proceed with the transaction.

1.5 These Terms and Conditions includes the information Trustly shall provide to the User in accordance with Chapter 4 Section 10 in the Swedish Payment Service Act. The User may at any time request a copy of these Terms and Conditions by sending a request to Trustly via the channels listed under section 14 below.

1.6 The Terms and Conditions may be revised from time to time. In the event of a change of the terms, the revised version will be labelled with a new version number. The User will be provided with an updated version of the Terms and Conditions no later than 2 months before their proposed date of application. The User can either accept or reject the changes before the date of their proposed date of entry into force. The User shall be deemed to have accepted the relevant changes to the Terms and Conditions if it does not notify the Trustly before the proposed date of their entry into force. In the event that the User rejects the changes, the User has the right to terminate the Terms and Conditions free of charge and with effect at any time until the date when the changes would have applied.


2.1 Setting up the direct debit mandate, which the User does by logging into its online bank using Bank ID and selecting which account he or she wants to connect to the mandate, will be deemed as approved by the authorised user of the account. The login information supplied by the User, in connection with the login, will be collected and processed by Trustly. Trustly will forward the information via the Service interface to the corresponding interface in the User’s online bank over an established secure connection. All communication transferred when using the Service is encrypted and the secret login information of the User is only forwarded to the corresponding input-field of the selected bank but is never stored.


3.1 By approving the direct debit mandate with Bank ID, the User acknowledges that information about the User is collected from the User’s online bank and processed by Trustly in accordance with, and for the purposes, set out in the Privacy Policy.


4.1 If an unauthorized transaction has been carried out from the User's bank account as a result of the User failing to protect his personal login information, the User is responsible for the amount, but no more than SEK 400. If the unauthorized transaction has been carried out as a result of gross negligence, the User shall be responsible for the entire amount, but no more than SEK 12,000. If the User has acted particularly blameworthy, the User is responsible for the entire amount. If the User is entitled to reimbursement under this section 4.1, the User’s bank is liable for these claims.

4.2 If the User discovers that there have been erroneous withdrawals or unauthorized transactions in the User's bank account, Trustly must be notified immediately. The User shall also notify its bank as soon as possible after becoming aware of the unauthorized transactions, as the User will otherwise be responsible for the entire amount. If someone other than the User is authorized under the account agreement, the other person's actions shall be considered as if the User acted for itself.


5.1 Upon a request from the User, Trustly shall provide the User with a list of payment transactions conducted under the direct debit mandate containing the following information:
information that can be used to identify the payment transaction(s) and the payee(s) for such transaction(s);
amount and currency used of each payment transaction;
information on value date for the payment transaction or the day when the payment order was received; and
information on the exchange rate used (if any) in accordance with 13.2.

5.2 Trustly shall not have to provide the information set out above more than once per month. The information will be sent via email to the User.


6.1 To use the Service, the User must be of at least eighteen (18) years of age, or of such age as required by the Merchant, with capacity to enter into legally binding contracts and have the right to dispose of the assets available on the User’s online bank. The User hereby guarantees that these requirements are met. Moreover, the User guarantees that it shall not use the Service for any purpose that is in violation of its agreements with third parties or applicable law. The User is personally responsible for any and all such violations and acknowledges, by using the Service, that the use of the same does not result in any such violation.


7.1 The User acknowledges that the payments conducted via direct debit is transferred via general clearing systems, meaning it might in exceptional cases take up to three (3) banking days before funds from the Users are settled with the Merchant.


8.1 Once the User has consented to payment via direct debit, the Merchant sends a payment order to Trustly for each payment to be deducted from the User's bank account. This payment order is considered received when the Merchant sends the order to Trustly. Trustly then notifies Bankgirot who controls whether a valid direct debit consent exists and instructs the User's bank to charge the relevant amount from the User's bank account.


9.1 If the User want to cancel an upcoming payment with Trustly in accordance with the Mandate Text section 2.5 (Stop payment (revocation of a payment order)), the User must inform Trusty thereof via the channels stipulated under section 14 no later than 16.00 CET two bank days prior to the due date.


10.1 Trusty may have to suspend the Service to deal with technical changes or to update the Service to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements.


11.1 Trustly is liable to the User for payment transactions executed through the Service to the extent set out in the Swedish Payment Services Act (2010:751) (as applicable from time to time). Unless required by mandatory applicable law, Trustly shall in no case be liable to the User for any direct or indirect loss or damages incurred due to the use of the Service.

11.2 The User’s purchase of goods, services, digital content or otherwise from the Merchant will at all times be subject to the Merchant’s terms and conditions and Trustly shall in no way be liable for the actions or inactions of the Merchant. Please ensure that you have reviewed and accepted the Merchant’s terms and conditions before using the Service.


12.1 The User is entitled to request a refund of a payment transaction conducted under these Terms and Conditions in the following situation:
the exact amount of the payment transaction was not presented to the User when the payment transaction was approved; and the payment transactions amount exceeds the amount the User could have reasonably expected based on its previous expenses pattern, conditions in these Terms and Conditions and other relevant circumstances.

12.2 Any claim for a refund under section 12.1 must be presented to Trustly or to the User’s bank no later than eight (8) weeks from the day the payment was debited on the User’s bank account.

12.3 Trustly shall within 10 day from receipt of a request for refund either refund the payment to the User or explain the reasons for not refunding the User. In case Trustly does not refund the User, the User can file a complaint against Trustly’s decision in accordance with section 19.2.


13.1 When executing a payment transaction through the Service, a fee, chargeable to the User’s bank account, may apply according to the terms of the agreement between the User and its bank. By using the Service, the User acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for any and all fees applied by his or her bank when executing payments/transactions.

13.2 Trustly does not charge the Users any fees for the provision of the Service.


14.1 If the User notice any indication of malfunction of the Service, the User shall notify Trustly promptly. Any questions or complaints relating to the Service shall be submitted to Trustly via the contact form on Trustly’s Support Center available at or sent to Users can also contact our Complaints Manager by sending a letter to the address below:

Trustly Group AB
To: Complaints Manager
Rådmansgatan 40
113 57 Stockholm/Sweden

14.2 Trustly will respond to questions or complaints electronically and in English. However, the User has the right to request that a response shall be translated into the official language where the Service is offered.

14.3 Trustly follows the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s general guidelines on complaints management (FFFS 2002:23) and handles complaints in accordance with existing regulations. For further information on how Trustly handles questions or complaints, please visit


15.1 Trustly shall in no case be liable for any economic loss, delay or failure in performance to the extent such loss, delay or failure is caused by fire, flood, explosion, war, strike, embargo, governmental requirements, civil and military authority, data trespass, denial-of-service (DoS) attack, unlawful action of the User or any other cause beyond Trustly’s reasonable control.


16.1 Trustly unilaterally reserves the right to take appropriate measures, keep records of and suspend a transaction of the User in the event of suspected criminal or illicit activity, imminent civil actions by third parties due to the providing of the Service or any other act or omission such as severe malfunction or misuse of the Service that might expose the User or Trustly to damage regardless of the nature of such potential damage.


17.1 The transactions carried out by the User are subject to monitoring in order to comply with applicable provisions regarding measures to counter money laundering and terrorist financing. The policies and practices applied are constantly revised and may vary from time to time and depend on circumstances concerning the User, such as transaction pattern, geographical position, etc. Records may be kept in order to comply with the applicable provisions and additional information can be requested from the User to determine the answers to questions of identity, purpose of transaction and origin of capital. By executing a payment transaction via the Service, the User undertakes, at the request of Trustly, to supply all such information that may be necessary for these purposes. The User understands that if such information is not submitted, Trustly may refrain from making a withdrawal and, in the long term, may terminate the Service.


18.1 If any provision in these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court or any competent jurisdiction or administrative authority, the invalidity or unenforceability of the provision will not affect the other provisions of this agreement, which will continue to apply fully. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable in any way but would cease to be invalid or unenforceable if some part of the provision were deleted, the provision in question shall apply with such modification as may be necessary to make it valid and enforceable.


19.1 These general Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Swedish law. Disputes shall initially be resolved through good faith negotiations between the parties after a claim has been lodged by the user, after which Trustly shall examine the claim within thirty (30) days. If the parties cannot reach an amicable settlement on the claim, the dispute shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions for civil cases.

19.2 A User can also contact the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). Please visit Trustly’s Support Center available at for further information on how a User can identify and contact the out-of-court complaint scheme in its home country. A User can also get advice and guidance on how to take a User’s complaint further through Konsumenternas Bank- och Finansbyrå and through the local consumer advisory service of a User.


20.1 These general Terms and Conditions shall be valid until the User cancels the Service or if Trustly terminate these Terms and Conditions. The termination shall have immediate effect without affecting the responsibilities under these general Terms and Conditions concerning ongoing or completed payments and/or refunds.

Trustly Group AB (556754-8655) Rådmansgatan 40
113 57 Stockholm, Sweden
Supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
Box 7821
103 97 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 408 980 00
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Med autogiro har du gitt Trustly fullmakt til å trekke beløp direkte fra bankkontoen din. Trustly administrerer disse fullmaktene, og forhandleren kan initiere gjentatte betalinger som så trekkes fra kontoen din.

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Vi tar klager alvorlig. Trustly følger den svenske Finansinspektionens generelle retningslinjer for klagebehandling (FFFS 2002:23) og behandler klager i henhold til gjeldende regler. Klager viser hovedsakelig til spesifikk misnøye i en enkeltsak som gjelder selskapets tjenester.
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Trustly Group AB (corporate identity number 556754-8655) is an authorized Swedish payment institution under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen). Trustly Group AB conducts payment services in accordance with the Swedish Payment Services Act (2010:751) and Directive (EU) 2015/2366 on payment services (PSD2) and can provide cross-border payment services within the EU/EEA.