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By signing just one agreement, you can accept payments from bank accounts across our covered markets, and localise your offering.

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Maximise conversion

With Trustly, consumers have the power to decide how to pay. Whether from their savings or current accounts, the choice is theirs. Unlike credit cards, there are no credit limits with online banking payments, making it easier to book those high-value vacations.

Reduce your risk

We require two-factor authentication to keep fraud at a minimum while removing the cost of chargebacks. Through online banking payments there's no need to store payment information, reducing the risk of cyber crime.

Lower operational costs

Reduce your overall administrative costs derived from chargebacks and fraud with one API that minimises operational effort in processing payments and refunds. Our flexible pricing model is also suitable to the industry's high transaction value.

Seamless solutions

Trustly Travel - Business trip payins


Receiving quick confirmation of funds allows you to immediately release your inventory, providing a quicker service for your travelers.

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Trustly Travel - Travel mobile refund


Because there is no need to maintain local bank accounts or to use expensive cross-border payment services, payouts are seamless.

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Integration with Trustly is a breeze.

Whether you prefer a Plug-and-Play solution, or if you want to build your own through our API, we'll provide you with the right support either way.

Jouni Oksanen, SVP E-commerce, Sales & Marketing, airBaltic
"Multiple payment methods are not only critical to lower the purchase barriers and to increase sales for airBaltic but also to improve our service for customers giving them the possibility to choose the payment method that is easiest and fits best their individual needs."
Trustly Travel - Vacation in Switzerland
Trustly Travel - AirBaltic mobile checkoutiphone
Trustly e-books - Travel report

The New Way to Pay

Download our latest report on why the travel industry needs to think beyond cards. Combining the latest data and research with our expert analysis, we deliver everything you need to know about payment security, user experience and expectations. And, the market factors driving the rapid rise of online banking payments.

Sarah Golibari, CFO at RCG
"The simplicity Trustly Payment Solution provides, has proved to be exactly what we were looking for. With the great results in Sweden, Trustly was an obvious and perfect choice when we launched in Norway. The result wasn’t just easier payment method for our customers, but also less administration and no technical deviation. Today we experience what we mostly like: Higher conversion and satisfied customers."
Trustly Finserv - Trustly Direct Debit and paying bills on a laptop

Trustly in numbers

At Trustly we love numbers, but it isn't all about the binary. With over a decade of experience behind us - and innovation, ambition and plenty of excitement for the payment evolution in front of us, we have a lot to be proud of.

12mPayments processed per month
4 500Merchants
600mConsumer reach

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