The perfect payment solution for trading

Trustly enables traders to fund their accounts instantly and directly from their bank accounts - without leaving a site.

Increase value for your trading business


Convert more traders to your platform

Brokers can experience over 50% drop-off between registration and first trade*. Trustly makes it possible for traders to fund their accounts directly and instantly. Removing the need to go to any external site to do so. Our solution also supports in fulfilling part of the regulatory KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements – simplifying the registration process. Trustly is also proven to convert 75% better than manual bank transfers*.


Boost loyalty with instant withdrawals

Around 86% say they are less likely to switch to a competitor if offered instant withdrawals*. By being able to offer this, traders would on average add 37% more funds to the platform*. Using both intra-bank networks and instant schemes, Trustly creates highly reliable instant payments. We also enable high-value deposits, which often fail with cards due to transaction limits.


Reduce operational costs with lower risks

Recent studies show that support is needed for 57% of payouts*. With Trustly, there can be no manual entry errors as IBAN & reference codes are pre-populated. Also, admin costs associated with card chargebacks can be up to 2.4 times the disputed amount*. Unlike card payments, Trustly has no chargeback risk, so your costs are reduced.

Trusted by leading industry names


Covering a vast financial services landscape


Banks and EMI's

Super fast bank transfers across Trustly’s covered markets.

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Differentiate and improve customer satisfaction by offering instant claims payouts.

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Set yourself apart from the competition by providing instant loan services.

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Rapidly exchange funds and offer same-day payouts across all our covered markets.

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Open Banking explained

Ever wanted to know what Open Banking is and what it can do for your business? What does the consumer stand to gain from it? Read about all this and more.


Trustly by the numbers

With over a decade of experience behind us — and innovation, ambition and plenty of excitement for the payment evolution in front of us — we have a lot to be proud of.

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Put some speed into your platform

We covered six European markets, asked 2700 traders and compiled one insightful report on the Trading business. Why do slow, outdated processes cause so many traders to lose out? How can faster funding make them more willing to use your platform repeatedly? Get Trustly’s report and uncover some of the most revealing aspects about Trading in Europe.

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Scaling Engineering @ Trustly

At the end of Q1 2021, the Engineering Americas team had a total of 54 full-time employees in Brazil. Most of our current PMs and Engineering Managers had yet to join the company. Development workload was split between Financial Institution Connectors (FIC) and Core ("everything else"). Sprint planning for Core ran for multiple hours and included 20+ engineers.

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Thinking outside the box for a better world

As our world becomes increasingly digital, consumers are demanding slicker, quicker, more personalized experiences that fit conveniently into their lifestyles. At the same time, it’s no secret that our world is facing fundamental challenges such as climate change and disruption from new technologies.

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What changing consumer travel preferences mean for travel companies in 2022

We conducted a censuswide survey which asked 1000 people in the UK some questions to help understand how travel is shaping up for 2022. Quite unsurprisingly, 80% of British consumers are more likely to consider a flexible travel policy since the coronavirus outbreak.

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 IG PLC Capital markets day May 2018
Trustly Survey of European Trading Consumers(2019)