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Provide instant payouts to bolster acquisition and retention.

Borrower acquisition? We’re sitting on a goldmine of insight.

Time is money. Especially in the loans business. In our survey, a whopping 76% said the time it takes for funds to reach their bank accounts affected their choice of lender. Repayments pose several issues as well as 60% are worried of making errors when using manual bank transfer to repay a loan. This report unlocks the key actionable insights for lenders looking to increase profitability. Download it and get in touch with us for further discussion.

Create value for your loans business

Boost borrower acquisition with instant payouts

Client acquisition is expensive. But, by offering instant loans, providers can differentiate where it really matters to borrowers - the speed of loan payment. Trustly uses both intra-bank networks and instant schemes, creating highly reliable instant payments.

Better customer experience leads to better retention

On average, customers are only profitable after the 3rd loan – so in the loans industry retention is key. Studies have proven that 83% prefer Trustly’s UX to that offered by standard manual bank transfer. By offering customers the ability to repay loans with their preferred method, loan providers can increase retention.

Slash support costs associated with manual bank transfers

Support is needed for 3% of manual bank transfers. With Trustly, the risk of manual entry errors is removed as IBAN & reference codes are pre-populated. What’s more, fast payouts help decrease support calls as the money appears instantly in the borrower’s account.

Increase loyalty among borrowers with instant loan payments

Given that new customers are both expensive and difficult to acquire, lenders need to look at whether they are investing enough in retaining their customers. This means that building retention through loyalty is key. Learn more about how instant loan payments can help you build loyalty in your loan business. Download our insights paper.

Sammy Brichard, Senior Marketing Manager - Tando/Auroralån
"Tando continue to benefit from Trustly’s expertise, innovation and excellent service in every market we trade in. We consider our partnership with Trustly to be invaluable!"
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