Instant claims payments for insurance providers

Provide an incredible customer experience with fast, direct payouts.

For insurance businesses heading towards the future

Payment speed increases conversion

Customer acquisition is expensive, but by offering instant claims payouts, providers can differentiate on what really matters to consumers - the speed of payment. Trustly creates highly reliable instant payments using both intra-bank networks and instant schemes. Since a staggering 76 % state that speed of payment is essential in selecting an insurer, Trustly’s solution is vital.

Insurance that people want to stick with

In a highly competitive environment, where 36 % of consumers are likely to leave over the next 12 months, getting each consumer interaction right is essential. Studies show that 82% are less likely to switch providers with instant claims payouts. You can also decrease churn by using Trustly Direct Debit (TDD). Available in Sweden, TDD is a convenient way to register recurring and one-click payments. Unlike cards, direct debits don't expire and can't be lost or stolen.

Reduce support costs

Fast payouts also help decrease support calls as money appears instantly in the client’s account. As many as 31% contact support needing help in processing a claim once it’s been approved. With Trustly, the risk of manual entry errors is removed as IBAN & reference codes are pre-populated

Plug-and-Play integration

Several payment gateways, providers and checkouts offer a ready plug-and-play integration with Trustly.

Trustly Plugins - Illustration showing Trustly integration via plugins

API integration for flexibility

Direct integration will give you the full power of Trustly. Our integrations team is ready to support you in connecting Trustly with your checkout.

Trustly API - Illustration Trustly API

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