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Give shoppers access to Trustly’s seamless, fast and reliable online banking payments and let your business evolve with the industry.

Boost your online business

Improve customer acquisition

Online banking payments are a preferred alternative payment method in many key e-commerce markets, and their popularity is growing. Trustly delivers a market-leading bank payment experience to help boost conversion in your webshop.

Increase customer loyalty

With Trustly, refunds are fast, automated and often instant - whereas with cards it can take days. Fast refunds lead to a better shopping experience, impacting customer loyalty.

Optimise operational efficiency

Reduce admin and support costs. Accept payments, make reconciliation seamless and refunds efficient - all with a simple integration across our markets.

Meet changing consumer demands

From July 1st 2020, it will be mandatory to present debit payment options above credit options in online checkouts for consumers in Sweden. We asked consumers their thoughts on this change and researched how the new rules and consumer preferences are reshaping online payments in Sweden. Download this guide for invaluable insights.

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Rethink your refunds, perfect your payments

Every e-commerce whitepaper you’ve ever read tells the same old tired story: e-commerce is growing, and the sector is becoming increasingly competitive. The statistics may be updated, but the takeaways are always the same, leaving online retailers floundering in still water. But this report is not like every e-commerce whitepaper you’ve ever read. Here we’ve dug deep into a part of e-commerce that’s often overlooked — payments — and have unearthed some actionable insights for online retailers that can help them to improve the shopping experience and boost customer loyalty. Download the report to find our insights.

Checkout solutions for the payment evolution

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Consumers can instantly transfer money without the need to register for an account or download an app. Merchants are notified when the consumer's payment arrives so that they can release goods straight away.

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Trustly takes responsibility for the entire payment flow, making refunds quick and simple. Consumers receive their refunds instantly ensuring a better experience. Merchants can initiate the process via an API call.

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Trustly Direct Debit

Direct debit is a convenient way to register recurring subscriptions and one-click payments. Unlike cards, direct debits don't expire and can't be lost or stolen. The consumer signs the mandate once and never has to think about the payment again.

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Marc Palmefjord CEO, Bangerhead
"By integrating with Trustly, we not only saved valuable resources, but improved our shopper experience. It was a win-win for everyone!"
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Hanui Ye, Business process director, Boozt
"Trustly's refunds are instant and the fastest solution on the market. This has improved customer satisfaction while minimizing administration workload."

Integration with Trustly is a breeze.

Whether you prefer a Plug-and-Play solution, or if you want to build your own through our API, we'll provide you with the right support either way.

Trustly by the numbers

At Trustly we love numbers, but it's not all about binary. With over a decade of experience behind us - and innovation, ambition and plenty of excitement for the payment evolution in front of us, we have a lot to be proud of.

12mPayments processed per month
4 500Merchants
600mConsumer reach

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