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PayPal top-ups made through Trustly are usually instant, but in rare cases the transaction may take up to 2 bank days for the funds to reach your PayPal account. Keep in mind that sometimes the transfer may take a bit longer due to public holidays and weekends.

Trustly is a digital payment provider that offers a bank-independent payment service that makes it possible for consumers to pay directly from their bank account in a fast, simple and secure way. We are a tool to execute payments from your online bank to an online supplier who provides you with a product or service. Our product is versatile since it enables consumers and merchants to both send and receive funds. 

You don’t have to register to use Trustly and we never store any personal information that can be used to access your bank account. Trustly uses the highest encryption standard available in addition to the bank’s security system.

You can learn more about the benefits of using Trustly under our page What is Trustly?

Our service doesn’t require any downloading or registration. Simply select Trustly among the payment options on the merchant’s website and then follow the next simple steps in the checkout (pop up):
  1. Select your bank and log in as you normally do.
  2. Choose the account from which you wish to pay. The account must be private as our service does not support business accounts.
  3. Confirm your payment with your preferred authentication method.

To use our service you need to have a private bank account that is eligible for bank transfers. Your available balance can’t be on credit by the bank and we also require the currency of your bank account to be in the local currency.