Fintech leadership with a human side - life on forward.

We’re helping forge alignment between consumer needs, emerging payment technologies and PSD2 standards. We’re literally engineering the future of payments, fintech and open banking. Our platforms are transforming the check-out experience. And we’re making online banking payments the center of a game-changing ecosystem for merchants. 

Now the Trustly brand is on a journey. We’ve been rebuilding our visual identity to better express our technical leadership, as well as our humanity and optimism. And we’ve been developing a tagline that comes right out of our brand promise.

How did we bring Trustly’s brand promise to life? Well, as it turns out… quite literally. Introducing Life on forward – Trustly’s new brand tagline and messaging platform. “Life on forward” turns the benefits of fast-flow payments with you in control, into an aspirational attitude and mindstyle. Life on forward is what happens when we move through the world in pursuit of our ambitions – big and small – without impediment or friction. 

If you’re a Trustly customer, life on forward means online banking payments that advance your goals of conversion, acquisition, retention, loyalty – even boosting lifetime value and roi. If you’re a Trustly payments consumer, life on forward means fast payments and quick-click purchases, with real-time control over your finances. Merchant or consumer, life on forward means the things you need, the experiences you crave, and the ambitions you pursue are all more easily realized. It’s a confident, optimistic and inspirational idea that will help define and propel all Trustly businesses. Finally, life on forward will help the enterprise, fintech and investor communities see the value of Trustly as an aspirational consumer-facing brand.

But expressing our evolving brand through words is only part of the story. According to Trustly Head of Creative, Kristina Backlund, “We’ve created an all-new visual identity that captures the same spirit of optimism, movement and progress that we hear in life on forward.” 

The foundation of the new system is the Trustly “T” logo – a bold, letter-based mark built from a timeless san serif “T”. It’s a solidly built slab that inspires confidence through strength – and something more. 

While it’s making us feel planted and secure, the big “T” isn’t really sitting still, even on a printed page. Built into the crossbar juncture of the “T” is a triangle that points forward, suggesting energy, direction and momentum. In other communications, this “forward icon” appears outside of the logo itself as a graphic element in electric green – accenting photos or bringing motion to otherwise static charts and type-based pages.

According to Backlund, “The forward-icon triangle helps communicate life on forward in a really visceral way – we wanted you to feel it from the graphics as well as the words”. 

Behind the vivid green color of the forward icon play the base colors in the new Trustly palette – a deeper green, a dark blue and a subdued purple. Together they help to convey important brand dimensions of modernity, simplicity, technical competence, and human concern.

When it was time to launch these new brand elements, we chose to communicate B2B strength that comes from delivering a great experience to consumers. So, in a life on forward B2B video campaign targeting European businesses, we did just that. We featured scenes of consumers enjoying the fruits of their payments – ecom purchases, online video gaming and travel - and overlayed them with important merchant benefits. It was an entertaining way to show that putting your payments on forward, puts your enterprise on forward, and for all involved, life on forward! 

Check out the campaign video here!