Subscriptions and one-click payments

A minimal-effort payment flow that enhances the customer experience. Perfect for accepting recurring or one-click payments. Currently available in Sweden only.

Simple user mandate

The user simply signs the mandate once, giving Trustly permission to debit their bank account. Once the mandate has been registered, that’s pretty much it.

You simply send us a request to receive payment. And your customer receives a fast, reassuring and hassle-free experience. These mandates will not expire and can be transferred between accounts.

Recurring payments

Your customers enjoy their on-going service without having to worry about any payment interruptions caused by expiring cards. 

One-click payments

Have your customers pay for purchases by clicking a button that can be embedded on your webpage or app. No redirect necessary. 


Integruoti Trustly yra nepaprastai paprasta.

Pageidaujate jau paruošto įdiegti sprendimo? O gal norite kurti savo sprendimą, pasinaudoję mūsų API? Padėsime jums bet kuriuo atveju.

Build your business with subscriptions and one-click payments


Reduce churn

Trustly Direct Debit lowers churn caused by expiring cards for example.


Increase conversion

Trustly’s simple sign-up flow lets customers pay without entering card numbers or needing account numbers at hand.



Both the payment amount and the interval between payments can vary depending on your needs as a merchant.


Norite sužinoti daugiau apie tai, kaip Trustly gali padėti plėtoti jūsų verslą? Užpildykite formą ir su jumis susisieksime.

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El. prekyba

Džiuginkite pirkėjus sklandžiais mokėjimais ir greitesnėmis grąžinamosiomis išmokomis.

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Finansinės paslaugos

Klientams palikite tik geriausius įspūdžius su greitomis įmokomis ir išmokomis.

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Padalykite savo žaidėjams galimybių mokėti iš sąskaitos į sąskaitą ir sklandžią prieigą prie laimėjimų.

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