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Trustly’s Pay N Play is an innovative product that lets players start playing their favorite games right away with one quick deposit from their online bank.

The information on this website is intended for businesses interested in the payment and/or gaming industry.

Forget everything you thought you knew about gaming.

No lengthy registration. No withdrawal wait times. Just frictionless gaming.


The magic of Pay N Play


Boost acquisition

Pay N Play combines the registration and initial deposit steps, increasing conversion and ensuring a better ROI on your acquisition and reactivation spend.


Build loyalty

Players love Trustly’s instant withdrawals so much that operators that offer Pay N Play have a significantly higher new player retention rate than comparable operators.


Stay compliant

Pay N Play lets operators identify and verify players when they make a deposit, helping operators to fulfill their initial and ongoing KYC requirements.


The synergy of Pay N Play



Play N Play combines three of Trustly’s existing products, but the result is so much more.



Players can get in on the action faster by simply making a deposit from their online bank.



Trustly passes on important KYC data onto the operator, who then creates the player account in the background.



Even if players leave the site, they can return and withdraw their winnings instantly.

How it works for players

1. Click 'pay now' on your favourite gaming site

2. Initiate a deposit by selecting your bank

3. Complete the deposit by logging into your online bank and verify yourself

4. You're now registered and can start playing

5. When you're ready to cashout, click 'withdraw'

6. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw

7. Cha-ching! Your winners will be instantly sent back to the bank account that your originally deposited from.


Pay N Play models: Pure

For companies starting a new brand or rebranding an old one

In the Pure model, Trustly is the sole registration and payment method. Players can start playing right away just by making a deposit. When players leave the site and return at a later time, their previous balance will be immediately available upon verifying themselves via their online bank. Withdrawals are instantly issued back to the players’ bank account with no additional information required.


Pay N Play models: Hybrid

For the companies that want to enrich their existing brands

In the Hybrid version, Trustly sits alongside other registration/log-in and payment methods. In contrast to the Pure model, there’s no “Resume playing” feature, so returning players must log in by making a Trustly deposit or by entering a username and password. When withdrawing with Trustly, players must also log into their online bank via Trustly's iframe.


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