Want to convert more online shoppers?

By adding Trusty to your checkout a window of opportunity opens for you to convert new customers.


Increase your conversion rate

Online banking payments have a strong presence in many European markets, and are constantly growing in popularity. By offering the payment methods your shoppers prefer you will see an uplift in your conversion rate.


Improve customer loyalty with faster refunds

Did you know that 68% would spend more per purchase and 66% would shop more often if faster refunds were offered? (source ”Rethink your refunds by Trustly”). With Trustly, payments are instant and so are refunds.


Save cost by streamlining your operation

Internal operational inefficiencies can quickly become costly. With Trustly there is no manual consumer input and therefore no human errors. As a result, your internal workload will be reduced while improving the reconciliation process.


"Trustly’s refunds are instant and the fastest solution on the market, this has improved customer satisfaction while minimizing administration workload"


Interested in offering Trustly?

We look forward to discussing how Online Banking Payments with Trustly can improve your payment flow. Please fill out the form and we’ll contact you shortly.