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Trustly užtikrina sklandžias įmokas bei išmokas iš sąskaitos į sąskaitą. Kad suprastume to vertę vidutiniam žaidėjui žaidimų svetainėje, apklausėme 1 700 žmonių 9 ES rinkose. Trustly komercinės strategijos vadovas Ciaran O'Malley pabrėžia keletą pagrindinių įžvalgų, susijusių su konversijos rodiklių gerinimu ir žaidėjų lojalumo didinimu.


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Trustly – tai vienas iš geriausiai girdimų atvirosios bankininkystės srities balsų. Kviečiame mokytis ir atrasti drauge su mumis.

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Fintech leadership with a human side - life on forward.

The Trustly brand is on a journey. We’ve been rebuilding our visual identity to better express our technical leadership, as well as our humanity and optimism. And we’ve been developing a tagline that comes right out of our brand promise.

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Power to the UX

The European Banking Authority agrees that payments should be simple for consumers. Read our blog post about the guidance they’ve provided on removing friction and improving the user experience when making a bank transfer payment.

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Trustly to power payments for tech bank Northmill

Trustly is pleased to announce a new partnership with Northmill, a Swedish technology bank that provides the tools for people to make better financial choices. Thanks to the partnership, customers of Northmill can continue to receive instant pay-outs directly to their bank accounts. Trustly supports all the major Swedish banks.

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Skilling and Trustly partner to offer traders fast deposits and withdrawals

Skilling, a digital trading platform, has chosen to integrate with Trustly to help its traders deposit and withdraw funds more easily. Through the partnership, Skilling can offer its traders a fast and secure way to start investing in just a few clicks, as well as instant access to their funds. The partnership is now live across all countries where they operate under CySEC licence.

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Rethink your refunds, perfect your payments

A checkout with only the option to pay by card just won’t cut it anymore.

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What online businesses need to know about PSD2 bank payments

In September 2019, a new EU payment directive and its technical standards came into full effect – PSD2.

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