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Delight your shoppers with seamless payments and quicker refunds with Trustly online banking payments. With Trustly, your payments just flow from account to account – no cards, no app download, no registration.

What can your e-commerce business achieve with Trustly?

How does improved acquisition, increased customer loyalty and reduced admin sound for a start?

With Trustly, you can accept payments, issue payouts and access valuable user insight data. Easy activation and multi-currency functionality gives you the power to expand your business across borders with access to +600 million customers in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US.


White Paper: How to lower payment processing costs and increase approval rates

If you want to learn about how to lower your payment processing costs while increasing your approval rates, download this White Paper. It is designed to give payment professionals an in-depth analysis of card processing costs and hidden fees. Spoiler alert: This white paper could help you improve your margins by using Online Banking Payments.


Solutions for E-commerce


Accept payments

Shoppers pay instantly and securely with no spending limits for high-value transactions and virtually no chargebacks for merchants. No manual input eliminates human error, reducing your admin costs and improving your cash flow.

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Subscriptions & one-click payments

Trustly offers an easier way to accept recurring payments from your customers with one-click payments and subscriptions that never expire. Once your customer signs the mandate, their subscription will never be interrupted again.

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Instant refunds

Trustly takes responsibility for the entire payment flow, making refunds fast and simple. Consumers receive their refunds instantly ensuring a better experience. Merchants can initiate the process via an API call.

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Aucune rétrofacturation

Une fois que Trustly approuve un paiement, celui-ci est entièrement garanti, sans aucune rétrofacturation.

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Chez Trustly, nous aimons les chiffres, mais tout n’est pas question de binaire. Avec plus de dix ans d’expérience derrière nous et avec l’innovation, l’ambition et l’enthousiasme que suscite l’évolution des paiements, nous avons de quoi être fiers.

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