Trustly and iPANT partner to make receiving your recycling refund easier

Stockholm, Sweden, November 7, 2019 — Trustly and digital recycling refund solution iPANT are pleased to announce a partnership that lets people recycle their empty bottles at reverse vending machines (also known as RVMs or pantmaskiner) in their housing complexes and receive their refund directly back to their bank account.

Swedes are becoming increasingly proactive when it comes to recycling and protecting the environment. In fact, each year Swedes recycle roughly 1.8 billion bottles and cans in the “pant system.”¹ In 2018, roughly 85% of all cans and PET bottles were recycled, and Sweden aims to reach 90%.²

Through the new partnership between iPANT and Trustly, recycling bottles and getting refunds will be easier than ever. iPANT users can simply recycle their empty cans and bottles in the iPANT machines, installed in residential housing complexes, and scan the QR code shown on the screen with their smartphone. They can then collect their refund and easily transfer it to their bank account with Trustly.

The partnership will initially launch in Sweden, with plans to roll out to other Nordic countries soon.

Saeid Rashidi, CEO of iPANT, said: “Most people understand the importance of a sustainable environment, but don’t know how they can help. Our advanced technology, coupled with Trustly’s convenient refunds, makes it easier and more profitable for people to recycle.”

Johan Nord, Chief Commercial Officer at Trustly, said: “Up until now, it was only possible to use Trustly online, but through this partnership with iPANT, we’re taking a step into the offline world. We’re proud to work alongside a company like iPANT that is making it easier for people to do good, and it is rewarding to see how our payment solutions can be used to reinforce positive actions in our communities.”

¹ The Swedish Recycling Revolution.

² Pant statistics, Pantamera.nu.