Meet Anton: Trustly’s Product Owner Talks Pay-ins

Trustly has grown drastically in the past 3 years. We’ve roughly tripled in number of employees, expanded our products offering from 8 markets to 29, and moved into larger offices in StockholmLondon and soon Sliema.

A big part of Trustly’s growth plan is professional development because our employees are our greatest asset. Anton Jonsson joined Trustly in October 2014 as an Expansion Administrator and grown into his current role as Pay-In Product Owner. We caught up with Anton to hear more about what’s changed in his time at Trustly and what challenges he faces each day in his new role.

Hi there, Anton! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What did you do before joining Trustly?
Hi! I grew up in Stockholm just a block from the Stockholm office. I’m now in my mid-20s and have been working at Trustly for about 2.5 years. You can usually find me listening to music, enjoying good food, working out, traveling and spending time with friends and family. Before joining Trustly, I studied Economics and Information Technology at Stockholm University.

Prior to and during my studies, I worked within different departments at Swedish bank SEB. There I tried everything from back office support and balance reporting for large corporations, to manning the customer service counter helping elders to change PIN-codes on their tokens and pay paper bills manually. I also tried merchant banking/corporate finance for a summer. I decided that my next job was going to be at a smaller company where I can make more of an impact and not get stuck doing routine tasks each day.

At Trustly, you work primarily with pay-ins. For those of us unfamiliar with pay-ins, can you explain what they are?
A pay-in is a consumer-to-business bank payment method used to purchase goods or services online, top up an e-wallet or deposit funds to an online casino or financial services provider. Trustly automatically sets up the payment in the consumer’s online bank. All you need in order to pay is a bank account — no software or registration necessary. When you go to make a pay-in from a merchant’s checkout, you’re presented with Trustly’s payment window. From there you just log in to your bank as you normally would and confirm the payment. It’s our most widely used product in terms of number of transactions and it’s currently available in 29 European markets.

As Trustly’s Pay-In Product Owner, what does your role entail?
I’m responsible for the development of the pay-in product, setting the product and development roadmap by coordinating withstakeholders, for example the Sales department and Account Managers. Essentially, I’m planning for how we want the product to work and look in the future. I also ensure that the product is aligned with the overall business goals and strategy.

I work very closely with the Product and Development teams, obviously, but also the Commercial teams, Finance and Legal department. When we want to try something new, a lot of parties often have to be involved. We try to keep an ad-hoc approach in what we do to be able to move quickly, adapt to consumers’ needs and reprioritize.

You’ve been working at Trustly for about 2.5 years now, which makes you essentially a veteran! What have been the biggest changes you’ve noticed at Trustly in that time, both culturally and product-wise?
The biggest changes in terms of company culture is, not surprisingly, that we have tripled in number of employees! This means you get to meet a lot of talented people and learn new stuff, but also it puts extra emphasis on the importance of communication and transparency. It’s easy to fall into silos, but thanks to the open-minded and flexible company culture and outgoing people, I think Trustly is fit to take on these challenges.

Product-wise, we have historically tried to align the look and feel of the pay-in banks regardless of country and other variations. This is starting to change a little as we grow into new markets, also partly driven by the fact that until recently, we never had an actual Product division. But now, differences in consumer behavior and technological advancements are forcing us to assess markets individually and adapt the product accordingly.

Prior to working on the Product team, you worked on the Expansion team. How has the transition been? What are your biggest challenges in your new role?
For my first two years I worked in the Expansion team, which also was a new two-man division at the time. We were the first to look at new markets; analyzing the potential business value in order to able to prioritize, test competing products and local payment/clearing systems and set up partnerships with banks and other financial service suppliers.

Now I’m more involved in the technical development and liaising with relevant parties to develop what both online merchants and consumers actually want. Because the Product division was brand new and almost everything is related to the product in one way or another, the biggest challenge by far has been managing all questions, ideas, requirements, requests, feedback and opinions.

Trustly’s pay-in product is already pretty great, but how do you think the product will evolve to better meet merchant and consumer needs?
Going forward, our main focus will be on improving the end-user experience and adapting the payment flow to each market in order to better meet consumers’ needs, behaviour patterns and maturity/market penetration. We are going to facelift the design of the payment flow, in order to give it a more modern look and feel instead of the old “online banking style”-design. Of course, there are also a lot of technical improvements to be done with the various integrations, making them more stable, building redundancy and increasing the capacity to be able to manage increased transaction volume.

Wow, sounds like you’ll be keeping quite busy! Thanks for your time, Anton. And keep up the good work!

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