How to improve customer loyalty in Insurance

Is customer loyalty a lost art in Insurance? How can you get your customers to recommend your services to others? Watch the discussion to learn more.

Tackling the many challenges insurers face

In our most recent webinar together with Insurtech Insights, Trustly’s Johan Sundström talks about the challenges facing the Insurance industry – especially around fostering loyalty. According to an Accenture report customer churn accounts for $470 billion in losses across Life and P&C premiums worldwide. Only 29% of customers are currently satisfied with their insurer. If the industry is to flourish, we’ve got to look at ways to get customers on your side and this means improving the user experience. 

In this session, we give brokers the lowdown in terms of where the struggle lies with improving loyalty. We also discuss how loyalty can boost customer advocacy and how a quick claims process is crucial to a better customer experience.

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