Sustainability at Trustly

Powering the shift to cardless societies

Today’s payment landscape is highly complex and fragmented, with many local payments schemes and several large global solutions that have high consumer friction and merchant fees. Our account-to-account solution bypasses the traditional card-based payments value chain, which involves intermediaries such as issuer and acquirer processors. This instead provides merchants with lower fees and reduced transaction costs, sometimes up to 50% cheaper than cards. At the same time, we deliver enhanced transparency and a more convenient consumer experience, without any hidden fees.


A more sustainable way to pay

Sustainability is central to Trustly’s business model. When using Trustly, consumers pay with money already in their bank account, as opposed to assuming credit. As a purely debit payment method, Trustly is a sustainable way to pay that doesn’t contribute to increased consumer indebtedness in society.


How we help our stakeholders



Anyone with access to online banking can pay with Trustly and there are never any hidden fees. The payment is made immediately, helping consumers manage their finances with more transparency and reducing consumer indebtedness.



We support merchants in tracing and verifying the source of funds, as well as lowering their transactions costs and reducing fraud.


Society and government

Trustly’s payments are fully traceable thanks to two-factor authentication. We have comprehensive merchant due diligence, transaction monitoring and reporting processes in place, helping to reduce money laundering and terrorism financing in society at large.

Our environment

Climate change is one of the biggest threats the world is facing. At Trustly, we’re committed to mitigating the climate impact that we have. For us, that means managing our climate-efficient offices; favoring climate-efficient data centers; and cutting out unnecessary business travels thereby reducing CO2 emissions. We also monitor our supply chain to ensure our suppliers meet our standards and do our best to recycle and reuse our IT hardware and e-waste.


Our people

We consider our people our most valuable asset. Having humble, resilient and ingenious people results in high-performing teams that deliver the products that are reshaping the payments landscape. We believe that diversity drives innovation and results in products that are more inclusive. That’s why we’re proud that our workforce is made up of more than 50 different nationalities, and are continually striving to improve our gender balance. We’re dedicated to providing a safe working environment where employees feel respected and learn and develop every day.


Our governance

Trustly operates in a highly regulated landscape: In the US, we are state regulated where required to serve our target markets; and in Sweden, we are a licensed payment service provider supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen).

Being an international player acting on a global market, the core areas within our governance work are naturally related to AML, CTF, data security, compliance and risk.


Ethical guidelines in business relations

At Trustly, we work with merchants and partners in ways that adhere to legal requirements and ethical standards. For example, when it comes to working with igaming merchants, we have a clear policy in place stating that we only partner with EU/ EEA- and US-licensed igaming merchants. Trustly’s igaming merchants go through three layers of control — supervising authority, their banks, and Trustly. In addition to that, we’re able to make further exclusions thanks to structures in place such as the Swedish Gambling Authority’s list of prohibited operators. We endorse the movement towards more harmonized and clearly defined regulated markets to the benefit of citizens and industry actors alike.