Pay hosts faster with Trustly

Looking for a way to get your hosts paid faster? With Trustly, property rental platforms can keep hosts happy with instant payment processing.

Attract and retain more vacation rental hosts with instant payouts

Your hosts are waiting. Waiting for things to open up, waiting for guests to return — and waiting to get paid. Don't keep them waiting, speed up your payments with Trustly.


Today, hosts typically have to wait 5-7 days for a payout from rental platforms. With Trustly, that wait time can be eliminated.

Find out how in this quick guide.


Unparalleled coverage in Europe

With Trustly, you can issue instant Online Banking Payments across Europe. By utilizing our network of 6,300 banks, Trustly offers unparalleled coverage to deliver the fastest settlement on the market.


Boost host acquisition

Make hosts happier with real time payouts across Europe.


Lower processing costs

Gain a cheaper price per transaction while speeding up settlement.


Reduce support calls

Eliminate calls from impatient hosts chasing slow payments.


Curtail fraud

Make it impossible for fraudsters to make payments with 2FA.

Why vacation rental hosts want to be paid faster

Hosts are increasingly listing their properties on multiple vacation rental platforms. Find out how platforms can keep hosts loyal and happy in today's competitive marketplace.