Trustly’s 2021 Travel Insights – Chapter 2

The second chapter in the three-part #trustlytravelinsights series, exploring travel’s greatest stress test (yet). Payments as a commercial driver. Shifting consumer expectations. The changing ways we pay. Influencing traveller choice. Travel’s defining digital moment. Rethinking risk. New payment needs. Cost vs. customer experience. All explored inside.


‘Payments in a Pandemic’ explores the impact of COVID-19 from the perspective of payments leaders – and asks what lessons we can take forward as we cautiously look to a recovery.


Reveals exclusive new research from Trustly, based on surveys of 450 senior payments leaders in airlines and online travel agents across six European markets.


70% of airline payments leaders ranked cash settlement speed as the biggest challenge with their current payment mix – and the same proportion said their requirements for payment methods have changed as a result of COVID-19.


Includes guest articles from the Head of EMEA Partnerships at payments infrastructure provider PPRO, and the Head of Payments at online travel agency Travix.

“This was, quite simply, a matter of survival. At the time, we weren’t trying to predict the scale or prolonged nature of the pandemic (as has subsequently unfolded). Rather, we predicted the scale and prolonged nature of uncertainty and volatility it would cause. Our leaders knew that decisive action had to be taken straight away – there’d be no second chance further down the line if we were proven overly optimistic or even cavalier with our predictions.”

Bernd Argesheimer is Head of Payments at online travel agency Travix International.


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