Make loans a simple, hassle-free experience

Provide instant payouts to bolster acquisition and retention.

Create value for your loans business


Boost borrower acquisition with instant payouts

Client acquisition is expensive. But, by offering instant loans, providers can differentiate where it really matters to borrowers - the speed of loan payment. Trustly uses both intra-bank networks and instant schemes, creating highly reliable instant payments.


Better customer experience leads to better retention

On average, customers are only profitable after the 3rd loan – so in the loans industry retention is key. Studies have proven that 83% prefer Trustly’s UX to that offered by standard manual bank transfer. By offering customers the ability to repay loans with their preferred method, loan providers can increase retention.


Slash support costs associated with manual bank transfers

Support is needed for 3% of manual bank transfers*. With Trustly, the risk of manual entry errors is removed as IBAN & reference codes are pre-populated. What’s more, fast payouts help decrease support calls as the money appears instantly in the borrower’s account.

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Differentiate and improve customer satisfaction by offering instant claims payouts.

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Let clients access funds instantly and directly with our secure and hassle-free payment solutions.

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Banks and EMI's

Super fast bank transfers across Trustly’s covered markets.

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Rapidly exchange funds and offer same-day payouts across all our covered markets.

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Open Banking explained

Ever wanted to know what Open Banking is and what it can do for your business? What does the consumer stand to gain from it? Read about all this and more.


Trustly by the numbers

With over a decade of experience behind us — and innovation, ambition and plenty of excitement for the payment evolution in front of us — we have a lot to be proud of.

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Increase loyalty among borrowers with instant loan payments

Given that new customers are both expensive and difficult to acquire, lenders need to look at whether they are investing enough in retaining their customers. This means that building retention through loyalty is key. Learn more about how instant loan payments can help you build loyalty in your loan business. Download our insights paper.

What's new?

Open Banking Payments help merchants to expand internationally

When Open Banking was introduced in the 2010s the aim was to encourage innovation in a sector that was not moving with the times. Since then, the Financial Services industry has evolved quickly to meet the increased demands of digital-savvy consumers and businesses, but one area where it falls short is cross-border payments.

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This is why Money20/20 is a payments paradise

When you gather most of Europe’s Fintech and Open Banking experts under the same roof, you’re going to capture elite-level insights. Our team on the ground managed to catch up with some of the brightest minds in payments together with friends in the industry.

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Rising up at Trustly, Money20/20 and the entire Fintech industry.

It’s been well established by various studies that diversity and gender inclusivity drives higher returns on equity. In fact, inclusive teams can be as much as six times more innovative than non-diverse, non-inclusive teams. So closing the gender gap can now be seen as a matter of global economic importance.

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*Source: Trustly Survey of European Loan Consumers (2019)