Preparing your payments for the future of e-commerce

Younger shoppers now set the standards for online payments – and their expectations are high. Download this report for in-depth insights on how your e-commerce business can meet emerging consumer demands.

Here are few key findings:


Younger shoppers prefer debit payments and biometric authentication


Debit payments are preferred by 81% of 16-24-year-olds and 85% of 25-35-year-olds


61% find it more convenient to pay immediately without the hassle of future admin


65% of under 35’s have abandoned an online purchase due to not trusting a site with their card

“To cater for the enormous spending power of Millennials, Gen Z’ers and the generations who follow, merchants need to take steps now to modernize and digitize their payments processes, to capture and nurture these shoppers as they mature and become the biggest, most valuable customer groups.”