This is why Money20/20 is a payments paradise

When you gather most of Europe’s Fintech and Open Banking experts under the same roof, you’re going to capture elite-level insights. Our team on the ground managed to catch up with some of the brightest minds in payments together with friends in the industry. Browse through our collection of talks direct from our booth at Money20/20 Amsterdam.

The importance of instant refunds

Get data-driven, merchant-specific insights on why instant refunds matter as told by our own Ciaran O’Malley and Uber’s Senior Product Lead, Anirudh Narla. 

Key points:

  • Reducing high customer support 

  • Improving the customer experience through instant refunds

  • Recent UK refund survey results


Instant, automated payouts across borders

Trustly’s Stuart Barclay together with Matteo Gamba, leading the Payments team at Wayfair, discussed localizing payment methods to drive revenue. And, why seamless cross-border payouts are vital to modern businesses. 

Key points:

  • Diversifying payment methods from a merchant’s perspective 

  • Providing for local payment preferences 

  • Trustly’s unique solution to deliver cross-border payments


Optimizing payment rails globally

Watch Trustly’s VP of Enterprise Growth, Ross McFerrin, talk about delivering a localized payment solution for merchants facilitating Open Banking payments globally.  

Key points:

  • Embracing Open Banking APIs and local payment rails

  • Creating an elegant, consistent end user experience

  • Providing real-time feedback to merchants


Open Banking: the global phenomenon

Hear Trustly’s Ciaran O’Malley and Michael Bond unpack the global adoption of Open Banking. Learn how it’s grown to being implemented in 40 different countries to date, the history behind it and where it’s going. 

Key points:

  • The context behind regulations and standards

  • How it will improve the lives of consumers and merchants

  • What Trustly is doing to enable the best Open Banking experience



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