Continuous Optimization: Trustly product updates H1 2021

Trustly has been at the forefront of Online Banking Payments for the past 13, but we're not resting on our laurels. Here's an overview of some recent improvements. 

Our focus is always on helping operators provide the best possible user experience. Here are a few examples of product optimizations made in the past few months. 


Our new checkout supports a stronger brand experience
Operators can now display their own logo on the deposit confirmation screen. Small touches like this make a big difference in creating a strong and consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints. 


Biometric 2FA is even easier in the UK

In the UK, banks now allow their customers to authenticate payments on their mobile devices using biometric face or fingerprint ID. As this option catches on with players, we want to ensure a fluid and intuitive experience. 

This is why we've recently refined our desktop-to-mobile handover. This way, the player can easily authenticate with their phone, even if they are playing on their desktop computer. 


Faster and simpler bank selection in Germany 

In Germany, we've made it easier for players to select their bank in both the deposit and payout flow. With this added functionality, players can quickly find their bank from the more than 2,000 branches that we support. 


User flow optimized for returning players

PSD2 APIs have empowered Trustly to take our product to the next level. By leveraging AIS (Account Information Service) APIs, along with the long-lived access tokens, Trustly can recall account details and fetch balances automatically enabling, essentially, one-sign payments. 

Removing the unnecessary steps of selecting a bank, logging in, and selecting that one account that is always used means that recurring users will be met by a summary step, with their favorite account pre-selected and ready for payment confirmation, ultimately minimizing friction and repetitiveness for recurring users.

Additionally, a recurring user deposit flow has been enabled on all UK integrations to provide a simplified payment journey and improved UX. The first time a player uses Trustly, they need to go through a few mandatory steps to opt-in to our services. Each subsequent transaction is simplified.


Variable integration support per bank, focused on optimising the user journey

Trustly has the option to switch integration types. For example, we can move from an embedded flow to a full redirect, if the market shows that the users tend to trust it more. 

This also allows for redundancy. This is especially relevant if the bank's PSD2 API is down but their site isn't, meaning that if we switch the integration to one that redirects, we can mitigate the API degradation even though we are not in control of the bank's API uptime.

Support for external KYC providers

As a natural step towards establishing a holistic solution that caters to more than “just a payment service”, Trustly has now support of established external KYC providers, including iDIN in the Netherlands. By doing so, we are greatly increasing the number of KYC sources that Pay N Play® can support on a Pan-European scale, thus enabling operators to launch in a new market at a much faster pace.


Support for external KYC verification services

For markets where access to KYC databases is not available, Trustly has invested in adding a KYC verification service. By collecting data from the bank’s APIs (such as the player name) and requesting the player to populate missing KYC directly within the Trustly checkout, Trustly is able to verify the identity of the player with no extra effort required by the operator.

Once sufficient data is collected, Trustly performs a 2+2 verification check across external and reputable institutions (government registries, credit institutions, etc.) with the aim of validating the player’s identity prior to communicating such data to the operator. This enables the operator to accept the player’s deposit transfer in a safe and compliant environment.


Targeted features addressing operator regulatory compliance (xVerify)

Over the past year, markets including the Netherlands have been heading towards issuing local gaming licenses. New requirements are being set forth by the local authorities, forcing operators to adjust their user experience within a very short period of time. 

In an attempt to mitigate any risk of non-compliance, Trustly is following the rulings and requirements closely and adapting our solutions accordingly. As a result, solutions like NameVerify in Germany and AgeVerify in the Netherlands are available and built-in to our product. 


Scaling instant payouts across Europe

Over the past year, Trustly has been aggressively scaling the instant coverage of our payout product.As a result, we are now offering 100% instant payouts in the United Kingdom (and the Netherlands by the end of summer) on a 24/7 basis.

Furthermore, we are increasing our footprint in markets (like Latvia), by adding local account presence, enabling domestic instant payouts for locally licensed operators. You can read more about our European payout coverage here.


Support for the Mexican market (payouts only)

Through a recent integration, operators can make payouts to players’ bank accounts in Mexico and let them withdraw their funds from their gaming account directly to their bank account.


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