What are Open Banking payments?


  • Open Banking payments offer the potential to simplify cross-border transactions
  • Most merchants and PSPs require specialized support to realize the full potential
  • Third party payment technology vendors like Trustly offer the solution


Open Banking payments, also referred to as online banking payments or online banking e-payments (OBePs), offer consumers the fast and convenient option to pay directly from their bank account without a debit or credit card. 

The “open” part of Open Banking involves allowing third party fintech businesses to securely access bank account information, such as via application programming interfaces (APIs) .

An API is a technical specification that  sets rules for how software components interact, allowing systems of different companies to efficiently work together. Today, third-party fintechs and payment providers are able to connect securely with the customer’s online banking portal to proceed with a payment through APIs or secure modified customer interfaces (MCIs).

Leveraging APIs or MCIs, third party vendors can add innovative software, applications and services on top of a bank’s platform. That includes Open Banking payments services, which were originally designed specifically for online payments, but which today are also finding their way into the physical world.

FAQ: Cross-border payments and Open Banking


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What are Open Banking payments?

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