How can you choose the right Open Banking payments provider?


  • Look for a full-stack , easy-to-integrate solution
  • Be sure your partner offers an account-to-account/collection model
  • Choose a partner that is dedicated to supporting your sales and strategy


Not all vendors can offer the full range of benefits we’ve listed above. For instance, some can only enable the ‘front end’ initial payment and not refunds. Some can’t offer the instant movement of money.

This is why Trustly is the market leader in real-time Open Banking payments. We’ve been around for over a decade – before the Open Banking era even began - so we’re already ahead of the game when it comes to delivering the gold standard in services.

We operate through an account-to-account, or collection model. This means we are embedded in the payments flow and can receive and settle funds locally and instantly – without being subject to delays caused by cross-border payments processing. This not only facilitates instant payments, but instant refunds too.

At Trustly, our mission is to provide payments that just flow; we use automation and offer useful tools and services, such as enabling customers to pay in their local currency, which makes cross-border payments as easy as possible for PSPs and merchants. Plus, we help make sure the customer experience at the checkout meets the standards you need to deliver for today’s digital savvy shoppers.

FAQ: Cross-border payments and Open Banking


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How can you choose the right Open Banking payments provider?

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