Mandatory Mandate text for Autogiro

1. Mandate for payment by Autogiro

The undersigned ("the payer"), consents to payment being made by withdrawal from the account indicated or an account indicated by the payer at a later time on request of the indicated payee for payment to the payee on a certain date ("the due date") through Autogiro. The payer consents to processing of personal data provided in this mandate being handled by the payer's payment service provider, the payee, the payee's payment service provider and Bankgirot AB for the administration of the service. Personal data managers for this personal data processing are the payer's payment service provider, the payee and the payee's payment service provider. The payer may at any time request to receive access to or correction of the personal data by contacting the payer's payment service provider. Further information regarding the processing of personal data in connection with payments may be found in the terms and conditions for the account and in the agreement with the payee. The payer can at any time revoke his or her consent, which concludes the service in its entirety.

2. Description

2.1 General

Autogiro is a payment service that means that payments are carried out from the payer's account on the initiative of the payee. For the payer to be able to pay through Autogiro, the payer must provide his or her consent to the payee that the payee may initiate payments from the payer's account. In addition, the payer's payment service provider (e.g. bank or payment institution) must approve that the account can be used for Autogiro and the payee must approve of the payer as a user of Autogiro.

The payer's payment service provider is not obliged to check the authorisation of or notify the payer of requested withdrawals in advance. Withdrawals are charged to the payer's account in accordance with the rules that apply at the payer's payment service provider. The payer receives notification of withdrawals from his or her payment service provider. On request of the payer, the mandate can be transferred to another account with the payment service provider or to an account with another payment service provider.   

2.2 Definition of banking business day

A banking business day refers to all days except Saturday, Sunday, Midsummer's Eve, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve or another public holiday.

2.3 Information on payment

The payer will be notified by the payee of the amount, due date and means of payment no later than eight banking business days before the due date. This can be notified prior to every individual due date or on one occasion concerning several future due dates. If the notification refers to several future due dates, the notification must be made no later than eight banking business days before the first due date. However, this does not apply to cases in which the payer has approved the withdrawal in conjunction with a purchase or order of a product or service. In such a case, the payer receives a notice from the payee regarding the amount, due date and means of payment in conjunction with the purchase and/or the order. By signing this mandate, the payer